Ways to Engage

Leadership is less about titles and the corner office than it is about fostering a courageous culture and setting clear expectations so people know what is expected, encouraged and rewarded within your organization.

Courageous leadership is contagious. And to scale daring leadership and build courage within your teams and organization, we must do the brave work and have the tough conversations.

But how? With so much unknown, and our organizations and the people we serve feeling as disconnected and distant as ever? When the integration of diversity, equity and inclusion is needed now more than ever? And when fear, uncertainty and burnout are a common experience.

My work at better³ is dedicated to providing brave, innovative and responsive solutions to bold, courageous leaders who are willing to do hard work and have the clear, kind (and often hard) conversations necessary to ensure healthy partnerships and resilient organizations.

Even now. Especially now.

Take good care,


What would it mean to you as a leader to live and lead authentically and with increased courage and connection?

With better³ individual coaching, brave leaders learn new patterns of critical awareness. Personal and organizational values move from the aspirational into actual behaviors that can be clearly communicated, taught, measured, and evaluated.

If you are brave leader who wishes to cultivate a culture in which brave work, tough conversations, and whole hearts are the expectation, these opportunities are designed with you in mind.


What would it mean to your team to know, consistently, what was expected, encouraged, and rewarded?

With better³, teams learn skills for building trust, empathy, and connection. Create environments where accountability of self and team, smart risk taking, and the ability to reset quickly after disappointments and setbacks are fostered. Plus, learn how to give and receive feedback – even when it’s tough.

If you are a leader who wishes to take the initiative in both finding and developing the potential in both your people and processes, these opportunities are designed with you and your team in mind.


What areas of your organization would benefit from the ability to create and share bold ideas? What would it mean to your organization to be able to confidently take smart risks?

With better³ organizational opportunities, foster an agile environment where problem identification and solving are met with effective or sustainable solutions.

If you are an organizational leader who understands brave, connected leadership is your competitive advantage in the current economy, our bespoke organizational opportunities are for you.

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