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“In the past jobs were about muscles, now they’re about brains, but in future they’ll be about the heart.”

– Minouche Shafik, Director, London School of Economics

Operationalizing Company Values

This is Brené Brown’s step-by-step roadmap for building a robust and authentic culture true to your company’s values. Cultures thrive when there is a shared language and commitment to a set of behaviours that align with the stated values.

Who’s It For?

Teams in any organization.


We take the group through a rigorous process to clearly identify behaviours which support the company’s values. Without clearly identifying and naming the behaviours which manifest the values, people simply don’t have clear guideposts as to how to live the organisation’s values.

We start with the organization’s and/or team’s core values which have already been established by your organisation and work with the team to identify tangible, observable and measurable behaviours. We use all the Dare to Lead™ language and tools to facilitate a highly inclusive, engaging and fun workshop to bring your organisation’s values to life.


  • Leadership team now have tools by which they can measure and change their organisation’s culture to align with its values.
  • Total clarity on what it looks like to live into the organisation’s values and what is expected of each person.
  • Enhanced performance management of all people due to clarity of what the culture is.
  • Wonderful team building exercise resulting in greater trust and tangible roadmap on how to keep building that trust.

The Art Of Having Difficult Conversations (And The Impact Of Actually Doing It)

Workshop Content

‘Sometimes speaking the truth feels like we are being unkind, especially when sharing difficult information or feedback. But in reality, dancing around the truth is unkind. When we avoid stating the truth – when we are vague or ambiguous under the guise of being kind – it is often because we are trying to lessen the discomfort for ourselves, not for the other person.’ – Dr Brené Brown

This Workshop Will Not Only Transform Your Professional Life, It Will Also Have a Profound Impact on Your Personal Relationships.


  • Build self-awareness of how you currently act in difficult conversations (avoidance, nervous, blustering, blaming etc)
  • Have the skills and tools to be able to have difficult conversations with calmness and with confidence
  • Feel more comfortable in difficult situations and learn to see them as a learning opportunity
  • Practice using a framework for grounding conversations in curiosity


4hr or 8 hr workshops, online or in person.

Clear is Kind.

Learning the skill and having the courage to have difficult conversations is the foundation of building trust, a high performance team and having authentic human relationships.

Leading During Change and Uncertainty

How does your team function? How passionate, committed and resilient are they? Do they trust each other?We enable teams and cultures to understand how each individual contributes to the whole, and that a thriving, productive work environment requires attention, emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Underpinned by trust, these types of organisational cultures strive for excellence, redefine curiosity and fail intelligently to innovate wildly.

An exploration of empathy, compassionate leadership, the power in admitting you do not have the answer, , how to navigate feedback, how to develop a growth mindset in others, disengagement, communication, wholeheartedness, positivity, curiosity, taking accountability, and more.


  • Increased awareness of each individual’s perspective in the team
  • More trust and empathy within the team
  • Exploration of skills and tools to support engaging in difficult conversations
  • Increased team connection which in turn increases effectiveness and engagement of your people


4hr or 8hr workshops, online or in person

Empowering your organization’s potential.