Strong back, Soft Front, Wild Heart

The Core of Courageous Leadership

Courage is contagious. To scale daring leadership and build courage in individuals, teams, and organizations, we must cultivate a culture in which brave work, tough conversations, and whole hearts are the expectation, and armor is neither necessary nor rewarded.

When leaders feel equipped and confident to lead their teams in a whole-hearted way, innovation, creativity, and performance are accelerated.

Leading in the constant churn, push and pull of change is not for the faint of heart. Having a better understanding of ourselves, connecting authentically with others, and finding the power in “together” is essential to emotional wellness, and positive healthy relationships both within and without organizations.

Pam Ryan

Pam is a recognized expert coach with over 15 years of experience in leadership development and executive coaching in both private and public sectors. As a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator, she helps people develop the courage-building skills necessary to lead in an increasingly complex world. She brings Brené Brown’s research on courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy into organizations through an interactive experience while teaching individuals and teams how to move from armored leadership to daring leadership. Her clients love her commitment and passion to making lives “better”.

Partnering with leaders of all levels and industries, Pam focuses on improving Emotional Intelligence (EQ), systemic cohesion, conflict resolution, and positive workplace cultures. She uses relevant tools and techniques to empower ALL people within an organization to successfully solve problems and grow as engaged leaders. Pam’s clients love her commitment and passion to making lives “better”.

Whether in a 90-minute keynote, a half-day workshop, or a multi-day training, Pam’s gift and passion is to move people towards brave work, tough conversations and whole hearts.

Leading with Heart

Our authentic, heart-centered leadership is people-focused and operates from a place of transparency, encouragement and inspiration. In our effort to make a difference in (education/the world/business), we lead both team and self in support of courage and creativity.

Empower One Another

Relationships both inside and outside of work matter. When we trust and empower one another to demonstrate the initiative and creativity necessary to reach our goals, everyone thrives.

Better Together

In addition to our honored differences, we can be better together when we mindfully harness our collective strengths and abilities. When we each feel seen, heard and valued, we are better suited to lean into one another’s strengths. And together, we flourish.


I’ve worked with organizations of all sizes to increase skills for building trust, empathy, and connection. Here are just a few:


The connection created amongst the group was one of the highlights of this experience. It was clear that a safe and connected space was really important to Pam. I valued that all voices were continuously respected and heard

Participant, Dare to Lead ™

Pam facilitated the sessions in a way that allowed processing and practice of the concepts and behaviors I need to Dare to Lead. I left each session feeling more confident in my knowledge and capacity as a leader and how to apply the practices brave leaders use and lean into.

Participant, Dare to Lead ™

My learning was deep and empowering. I would have loved more sessions to practice with the cohort I grew together with and love.

Participant, Dare to Lead ™

Pam is an outstanding and admirable leader. She is calm and collected, while at the same time conveys her passion and knowledge of the subject matter and skillsets essential to exemplifying the “dare to lead” mindset.

Participant, Dare to Lead ™

Me encanto… aunque no me gusta hablar en inglés, Pam me ayudo y me pudo entender para que me sintiera cómoda y libre. Simplemente, un recurso muy especial. Estos días fueron intensos pero con unos aprendizajes, herramientas e información que de seguro me llevará a ser mejor líder.

Participant, Dare to Lead ™

It was a true learning experience. Pam created a space where we all felt comfortable sharing our most vulnerable experiences.

Participant, Dare to Lead ™

A brave container was built. Pam modeled vulnerable and courage. The norms in itself was team building and validating

Participant, Dare to Lead ™

Pam modeled the hard things when our group got stuck. She was willing to pivot or change the agenda if the group needed it. She was responsive, supportive, and kind. The activities were engaging and supportive of skill bulging in each area. We feel incredibly fortunate to have had Pam as a coach for this process. We left with actionable plans, stronger skills, and braver hearts!

Participant, Dare to Lead ™