About Us

Pam Ryan

Pam is a recognized expert coach with over 15 years of experience in leadership development and executive coaching in both private and public sectors.  As a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator, she helps people develop the courage-building skills necessary to lead in an increasingly complex world. She brings Brené Brown’s research on courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy into organizations through an interactive experience while teaching individuals and teams how to move from armored leadership to daring leadership. Her clients love her commitment and passion to making lives “better”.

Partnering with leaders of all levels and industries, Pam focuses on improving Emotional Intelligence (EQ), systemic cohesion, conflict resolution, and positive workplace cultures. She uses relevant tools and techniques to empower ALL people within an organization to successfully solve problems and grow as engaged leaders. Pam’s clients love her commitment and passion to making lives “better”.

Whether in a 90-minute keynote, a half-day workshop, or a multi-day training, Pam’s gift and passion is to move people towards brave work, tough conversations and whole hearts.

Listen to Alex Morrell of Fortune Financial interview Pam on the 101st episode of the Twin Cities Wellness Collective podcast. In this episode they discuss how we are all leaders, how better people make better organizations and being vulnerable as a leader.

Allie Storti

A respected, collaborative leader with over 20 years experience in education and tech, Allie believes in doing what’s right rather than what’s easy. With extensive experience among small and mid-sized organizations on a local and national level, Allie understands the importance of clear communication and what it means to lead teams within a performance driven culture. Whether engaging one-to-one, facilitating teams or company-wide initiatives, Allie is instrumental in identifying key opportunities, building trust and engaging people in the critical work.

Alicia Mejia

Alicia believes in the power of connection, strong relationships, and positive outcomes. 

After working with such iconic brands as Ralph Lauren and Tiffany & Co., Alicia spent nearly a decade managing people and processes in mid- to large-scale corporate events and conferences. Understanding the relational ecosystem on the path to achieving organizational goals is her sweet spot. Named the 2018 Woman in Technology Rising Star at the Las Vegas Women in Technology Awards, Alicia believes the combination of innovation and relationships are they key to a competitive advantage in a changing landscape.