Leading the Team You Inherit

It can be challenging to lead a team you did not choose. What happens when styles, personalities, visions are not cohesive? This post will give you a path forward when you find yourself struggling with your team.

Typically, for a leader there are 4 behavioral options of how to distress the situation in the workplace:

Change: change what you can to improve the situation. The best sequence is to change first how you are thinking, then change what you are doing.

Accept: accept that the situation cannot be changed and learn to live with it. This may mean putting up with an incompetent coworker who does not do his/her job well. The only way to do it successfully is to give up a belief that the other person will change. It happens when you recognize that the situation cannot be easily changed without resentment.

Stay: stay in the situation as it is and continue to feel distressed. It is typical if you feel that leaving a job will be too damaging to you or the team. But it cannot go on indefinitely. So, inevitably, you will have to try other options like taking off, admitting defeat or leaving the situation.

Take off: admit defeat and walk away from the situation entirely.

Do you find yourself struggling with your team?

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