7 Qualities of People with High Emotional Intelligence

Why does Emotional intelligence (EI) matter? Because at the core of every outstanding leader are the abilities to connect, achieve, inspire and act with resilience.
“Emotional Intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, value and effectively apply the power of emotions as a source of human energy, information, trust, creativity and influence,”
– Daniel Goleman.
The ability to be perceptively in tune with yourself and your emotions, as well as having sound situational awareness can be a powerful tool for leading a team. Like Goleman said, no amount of smarts will make up for a lack of the ever-important emotional and social abilities, especially as part of the professional world. Not sure how to recognize this essential trait?

Here are 7 qualities that people with high EQ share:

1) Emotionally intelligent leaders know how to balance work and play;
2) They know their strengths and weaknesses;
3) They welcome change;
4) They are empathetic;
5) They are curious about others;
6) They are self-motivated;
7) They set boundaries and maintain them.

Emotional intelligence allows leaders to inspire but not push too hard, be strong but sensitive, and treat others fairly, but not enable.
Now you can learn to apply the best practices of an emotionally intelligent leader and give yourself a winning edge. Excel in the 26 Competencies that will make you and your team work together and maximize your differences.

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