Team Opportunities

Team Leadership Development Opportunities Begin Here

What would it mean to your team to know, consistently, what was expected, encouraged, and rewarded?  

With better³ teams learn skills for building trust, empathy, and connection. Create environments where accountability of self and team, smart risk taking, and the ability to reset quickly after disappointments and setbacks are fostered. Plus, learn how to give and receive feedback – even when it’s tough. Especially when it’s tough.

Leaders who wish to take the initiative in both finding and developing the potential in both people and processes are welcome here.

Begin by choosing any of the options below.

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Leadis an empirically-based courage-building program.

Designed to be facilitated by highly vetted, certified organizational development professionals, the program allows for the creation of safe, trusting spaces for teams to engage in difficult conversations, examine biases, and embrace diverse perspectives is critical work for leading through uncertainty and change.

Data-driven decisions allow for personalization of a leadership development plan that meets the needs of your team and are available in three ways:  Daring Vs Armored Leadership Assessments, Organizational Culture Assessments and Daring Leadership Assessments.


Build consensus, collaboration and cooperation with Team Development Workshops.  Create a custom hybrid experience based on needs, desired outcomes and assessment data, or choose from a variety of existing better³ workshops with clearly stated purposes and measurable, defined outcomes:

  • Clear Communication and Handling Conflict
  • Building Trust in Teams
  • Providing Procedural Feedback
  • Leading from a Coaching Stance
  • Daring vs Armored Leadership
  • How Shame Shows up in Organizations and Its Impact
  • Finding Balance in Overwhelm
  • Creating Connection in Remote Teams
  • Tools for Interactive Virtual Facilitation

Leading Through Uncertainty and Change: Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Leadis an empirically based courage-building program. Now more than ever, we need to show up without armor, full of empathy and with a tools that give you super powers. 

Through this engagement, teams develop skills for leading during a pandemic as well as through a critical time of examining organization and team systemic biases. 

  • 8 Month Deep Dive 
  • 1:1 Integration Coaching
  • 36 Hour Program
  • Newly Created Curriculum With a Diversity & Inclusion Lens
  • Full Integration Plan 
  • Post-Program Circle Back Session