A Year of Self Care

Are you and your people feeling the strain of uncertainty, anxiety and turbulence of the last year?

Are you struggling to find peace amongst the chaos when your work, relationship and family roles all collide?

Take Good Care was designed with you in mind.

Invest in you and your team.

An Artist-Rendered box with 52 beautifully hand-painted cards contains a year of self-care, providing weekly instructions based on a selected theme supporting a focus for your practice, intention setting and self-guided care.

Elevating Diverse Voices – Each card features a quote or insight from an inspiring source spanning and elevating diverse and often under-represented backgrounds of race, heritage and culture, physical ability, wisdom and spiritual traditions, gender and gender expression and other historically marginalized groups.

Self-guided Instructions based on a selected theme supporting a year-long focus for your practice, intention setting & self-led care for every week of the year.

Why Self-Care?

self-care \ˌself-ˈker\  n. – The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during times of stress.

Considerations: The Current Reality

The tumultuous, foundation-shifting events of the last few months have intensified the experience of stress and uncertainty, revealing our globally shared connection and individual and collective vulnerability. As we enter a new year following months of unprecedented and tremendous upheaval and unrelenting uncertainty, the invitation of these offerings is to deepen in the intentional and skillful self-care called for in these times. It also happens to be the most transformational and singularly impacting investment companies can make in their leaders and companies in these times.

Why Self-Care? Why Now?

Offering these life and work-changing practices of care to your teams is the most profound investment leaders can make in these times for themselves and for individuals at every level in the organization. 

The benefits of self-compassion are seen in the most innovative, resilient and courageous leaders, underpinning emotional intelligence, resilience, growth mindset, integrity and a sense of deepened humanity in teams. Practicing self-compassion in a group cohort  dramatically increases the benefits by giving common language to teams to promote a shared sense of humanity, psychological safety and mindfulness at work. An exploding canon of research supports the integrated practices of bringing self-care and compassion into the workplace has a direct return on investment as it creates cultures with increased contribution and innovation, employee wellness, creativity, enhanced decision making and problem-solving as well as attracting and retaining top talent and decreasing attrition–all factors that directly impact the bottom line. Most meaningfully, these practices infuse teams and organizations with a deepened sense of humanity, (re-) discovery of joy, play and gratitude and the connective tissue that enables organizations to be vibrant even and especially during times of turbulence and change.

For Teams & Organizations

Facilitated, multi-week cohort program tailored to align to team’s preferred duration, cadence, size or platform.

Transforming leaders and groups by creating shared language, practices and awareness of the benefits of deepened self-awareness true self-care.

Learn how to cultivate practices of self-care and compassion to unlock the power of these transformative skills in your leaders, teams, organization and culture.

      • Leadership Superpower of Self-Care as a Daily Practice
      • Radical Self-Compassion
      • Managing Difficult Emotions & Thoughts
      • Authenticity, Vulnerability & Empathy During Uncertainty
      • MBSR: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Additional Options

Individual 1:1 coaching.  Deepen personal support and transformation with ICF-certified experienced coaches.

Monthly drop-in sessions. Facilitator-led sessions across cohorts with short talk and guided practice and discussion to deepen and integrate individual and group learning.

Topic-specific deep dive. Cultivate timely and relevant skills in response to organization need such as:

      • Setting Boundaries
      • Building and Repairing Trust
      • Tough Conversations & Giving Feedback
      • Integrating Self-Care into Vision

We invite you to accept our invitation to pause- as an individual, a team or an entire organization and take our Year of Self Care journey with our thoughtfully curated deck of self-care tools, virtual connection communities, and expertly facilitated sessions that address your human needs of working/living during trying and uncertain times.

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Pam Ryan