Organizational Leadership Opportunities

Organizational Leadership Development Opportunities Begin Here

What areas of your organization would benefit from the ability to create and share bold ideas?  What would it mean to your organization to be able to confidently take smart risks? 

With better³ organizational opportunities, foster an agile environment where problem identification and solving are met with effective or sustainable solutions. 

Organizational leaders who understand brave, connected leadership is your competitive advantage in the current economy are welcome here.

Begin by choosing any of the options below.

With crisis comes opportunity. Living in a pandemic brings a constant state of uncertainty, risk and emotional unbalance for most of us. In this engaging, timely keynote, Pam illustrates the connection between courageous leadership and vulnerability in uncertain times and nudges the audience to lean into a fresh perspective on the power of innovation, creativity and change.

Whole-hearted leaders are feeling the strain of recent shifts on their business and the subsequent impact on their people. While juggling long-standing demands, adapting to ever-evolving ways of doing business, and attempting to stay connected to their team may seem like an impossible task, better³ offers practical, tangible action. 

Rise above the noise, unify and realign teams with our engaging, real-time workshops that create safe spaces for necessary, hard conversations during unprecedented times.

Brave leaders will take advantage of this moment in history not to wait for “normal” to return, but to connect with and build on internal resources as we look toward a future driven by opportunity and agency, not of external circumstances.

Brave leaders are found at the better³ Executive Leadership Round Table. Vetted participants interact in bi-weekly group sessions, receive 1:1 integrative executive coaching sessions, actionable take-aways and direction, and ongoing membership.

Brave leaders are never silent about hard things, and the better³ Executive Roundtable is where resilience and resources meet.